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> Yes, that would work well enough for interbrowser HN interaction, but my
> primary concern is supporting (at least) UPnP 1.1 in a manner that provides
> as full as possible access to all protocol elements, both for
> unicast/multicast notifications/events and unicast request/response
> interactions.
> [...]

+1 from my side. As I mentioned some time ago, DVB has adopted DLNA's device discovery which is based on UPnP. So there might be a point sending out a liaison to DLNA asking them for information on their device discovery Java API.

But there are also quite some Open Source implementations that are compatible with DLNA:

Assuming we had that in place, one could very easily implement and use the MHP 1.3 Java APIs for service discovery. The most prominent might be these two:

        Element[] getServiceProviderRecords()
                Provides access to the SD&S Service Provider records 
                an array of SD&S Service Provider Records

        Element[] getServiceOfferingRecords(java.lang.String domainName)
               Provides access to the SD&S Service Offering records
                for a particular Service Provider
               domainName - Domain name of the service provider for
                which offerings are requested
               an array of SD&S Service Offering Records, including
                BCG records

Get all service providers, the see what they offer.

Full JavaDoc is here:

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