Re: webtv-ISSUE-8 (UC Service Distribution): Use case: Service Distribution [HOME_NETWORK_TF]

On 26/4/11 14:36 , Russell Berkoff wrote:
> [Samsung] How does this UC differ from general client/server 
> communication, i.e. the receiver of the document appears to 
> communicating back to a server? There are existing facilities such as 
> WebSocket or XHR to accomplish this communication.
JCD: There is little to no client/server communication in this UC. Where 
do you see it ?
Using XHR to implement communication between documents is not possible 
because of the usual "original server only" restrictions.
WebSockets is more appropriate as a communication layer, but we should 
be able to use other communication layers too.
The problem is to establish communication, and then to pass messages, 
not just plain strings (although others have mentioned that the message 
part could be "externalized" to a JS library).
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