RE: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Next Telco Agenda and How to raise issues for the HNTF

Hello HNTF Chairs,


I have some concerns about the organization of the use-case process:


1.  It appears Tracker is the only "Index" to submitted use cases. Otherwise, it appears necessary to "sift-through" the discussion area to separate use-cases from other HNTF discussions. It is difficult to determine the status of a particular use-case from the discussion section.


2.  The bundling of multiple uses cases within a single package seems problematic. What is status of the bundle? Is it approved as all-or-none.


3.  Tracker does not clearly separate use-case submissions from use-case issues. 


4.  How do I locate all open tracker issues against a particular use-case?



Russell Berkoff

Samsung Electronics




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Subject: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Next Telco Agenda and How to raise issues for the HNTF


Hi all,


I created a wiki page with a draft agenda for the next Telco


just not to forget anything we postponed from the last telco.

I'll try to do this for each telco if people think this is useful.

Feel free to propose any addition to it.



Note the first point in the agenda "Open issues and actions" with a link to this page



I would suggest this to be the first agenda point for each call.

This also mean that your are encouraged to:

- "raise an issue"[1] whenever you have an important point to make on any of the deliverables (and want this to be tracked easily)

- raise an issue for the existing proposals, as discussed during the call and explained here


If you have any comment or question, please let me know.






Giuseppe Pascale

TV & Connected Devices

Opera Software - Sweden


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