Re: [HOME_NETWORK_TF] Some use cases and requirements for broadcast TV applications

On Fri, 08 Apr 2011 22:37:42 +0200, Bob Lund <> wrote:

>> Another way of looking at this use case
>> is: two documents discovering and communicating with each other. I think
>> this is Matt's n°4.
> Disagree with the generalization. The term "document" is being used in a  
> manner synonymous with a web page. I think a general mechanism to allow  
> web pages to discover and communicate with one another is out of scope.
Why should we exclude this? It seems to me that is a perfectly valid use  
case for second screen scenarios; for example I imagine a user interface  
that is "split" the main aplication running on the TV (e.g. a media  
library) and an "extensions" of that interface on a companion device (e.g.  
a smartphone) for example to control navigation inside the main UI, enter  
text, control playout and so on. Having a generic communication channel  
between these 2 applications would allow to avoid defining each and every  
iteration pattern and foster innovation in this area.

Furthermore, once we have discovery and pairing of 2 devices, it seems to  
me we already have what's needed. The direct communication could be just  
on of the possible "message exchange" mechanism and could be probably be  
implemented with existing technologies (web sockets?)

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