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On 12/4/11 17:17 , Dave Raggett wrote:
> Forwarding at Francois's suggestion.
> (see also the W3C blog entry).

JCD: Thank you for the information. This triggers many questions.
- in your list of discovery technologies, why no UPnP ?
- are you saying that the discovery plugin, or web introducers, or both, 
are relevant to this task force ?
- how is this discovery plugin connected to Web Introducers ? I see the 
complementarity, but not the connection.

About the complete system using both for letting a page communicate with 
a device:
- do you manage the (same) device disappearing and reappearing on the 
network ? or is there user intervention required for each connection ?
- do you have a notion of authorized device (or paired device) ?
- how does a device communicate with a page ? is there a sort of 
postMessage from the device to the page ? or do you have a "ghost page" 
per device to handle that ?

Do we need the confidentiality of Web Introducers ? I do not see why.

With UPnP, messages are structured (not just a string). How would this 
be dealt with in a message from a device to a page ?

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