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On 11/4/11 21:52 , Bob Lund wrote:
> UC4 seems like a web server function: UI from server X moves from client A to client B. This could be done by a web server with HTML5 within a home network or across the internet. Nothing new is required, I think. UC5 has the element of device A discovering a service on device B and device A creating UI presented on device B.
> Bob
JCD: UC4 is about moving the interface (HTML page plus all its 
ressources) *plus* the current state of the interface, such as which 
choices are already made.
So the question is, where does the state reside.

Option 1: You have an intelligent server on the Internet, and the web 
page on the terminal is progressively updated using AJAX. The state 
information is on the server, and the terminal is just a mirror of this 
information. It is feasible indeed to connect from another terminal, 
identify as the same user, and get the intelligent server to switch to 
using the new terminal for the already started session.

Option 2: The intelligence is in the web page (widget-style). The server 
is plain HTTP. The state information is in the page. The you have no way 
to transfer the state information. You can restart the interface 
elsewhere, but it starts "at the beginning".

I claim that option 2 is useful and needed, for example to satisfy 
privacy concerns, hence my proposal for UC4.
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