Re: Universal Control API

We have just published our overview document. Please accept my apologies -  
we had hoped to publish this much sooner but have been unable to do so  
until now.

This document provides a more accessible overview of the API's design and  
explains the motivations and rationale for its creation. It also provides  
a brief comparison against other technologies such as UPnP and DLNA.



On Mon, 07 Mar 2011 17:12:59 -0000, Olivier Thereaux  
<> wrote:

> Dear all,
> You may recall that during the workshop in Berlin, my BBC colleague Matt  
> Hammond took a few minutes to present the work being done on a Universal  
> Control API - a RESTFul API for query, command and control of set-top  
> boxes, media servers etc.
> We have recently published the specification for that API, as well as an  
> introduction blog post giving more information on the goals and context  
> of the work: work on orchestrated media for possible future multi-device  
> media services and content distributed across collaborative TV and  
> mobile devices, and a flexibile accessibility solution for digital TV  
> using remote devices.
> Spec:
> Blog:  
> We will also have an overview document published very soon on the BBC  
> R&D Web space ( I will send a link as soon as  
> it is out.
> What has been published is implementable today (indeed, we have  
> implemented it on two set top boxes, as well as an iPhone "remote" and a  
> synchronised web companion app for Orchestrated Media experience across  
> ipad and TV) and we would like to collaborate with other actors in the  
> field to build a standard API (or a set thereof).
> Your feedback, both on the spec in its current state, and on where/how  
> you believe the standard work could take place, would be really welcome.
> Thank you,
> Olivier

| Matt Hammond
| Research Engineer, BBC R&D, Centre House, London

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