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On 2011-03-16, at 23:45 , Mark Watson wrote:

>> [...]
>> In the context of accessibility, or even just alternative 3rd party
>> created remote controls; the ability to control the TV/STB needs to be
>> there from the moment it is switched on to the moment it is switched off
>> and in all states the box might be in (watching TV or VoD, in menus, etc)
>> If implemented as a web app, would that realistically be achievable? We
>> also included in our API the ability to bring the device out of standby
>> (if the box supports it of course).
> I could imagine the web environment being there right from the beginning on the TV or STB - the first thing it does out of the box being to start up some default app with the manufacturers UI.
> If I have some remote application it finds the TV using some low-level mechanism and, once securely associated, requests it to run some different app - one that pairs with my remote application in some way.
> [...]

I guess you might be thinking of sth. like this or this

This little guy's web server and mDNS responder could provide the discoverability, and wake up the TV set (they have GPIOs) from standby when a connection request comes in. They have SPI interfaces, so some 12 to 16 Mbit/s should be possible. Of course you can share the RJ-45 pins between this and a full blown PHY/MAC to get the Gigabit or whatever you build in.

So in summary: yes, it is possible to have a web server and mDNS responder running (to make it discoverable) while the TV set is in standby. When the TV set is woken up by a connection request, the full app would start and do the authentication etc.

Just my two cents anyway.

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