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Hey Wendy,

I'd like to put on the agenda, at some point, discussion on 2nd price
auctions and what benefits they provide to the various specifications
when it comes to real time spend feeds and win notifications for

When we introduced TERN, Michael Kleber mentioned that he was open to
adding an auction type flag to TURTLEDOVE/FLEDGE, that makes sense to
us as well. At the same time IMHO, as the specs are currently written,
the switch to a second price wouldn't unlock all of the potential
benefits that such an auction could bring if the spec provided extra
features, that would then be provided in a privacy preserving way,
when 2nd price auctions are used.

On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 8:31 AM Wendy Seltzer <> wrote:
> Hi Web-Adv,
> Minutes from our 9 March meeting are available at
> We delved into Q&A on Dovekey Auction.
> Next Meeting: Tuesday, 16 March, 11am Eastern (1500 UTC).
> NOTE the US has now switched to DST, meeting one hour earlier in UTC
> Draft agenda:
> agenda+ Agenda-curation, introductions
> agenda+ Data-gathering and FLoC Q&A (continued)
> agenda+ Dashboard highlights?
> agenda+ AOB
> Call-in info at:
> (let me know if you need me to send it to you directly).
> irc for real-time queueing and minutes is #web-adv
> Github repo:
> Reminder of the ongoing invitation to share additional agenda requests
> with an agenda+ message to the list, ideally with a link to an issue or
> other background.
> Thanks,
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