[web-adv] Reminder, next call 5 January, 2021

Hi Improving Web Advertising BG,

Thanks for a great year! We discussed dozens of use cases and proposals,
participated in issues across many repos:
and shared information at a good virtual face-to-face.

I look forward to even more joint progress in 2021 toward an improved
landscape for privacy-preserving advertising across the web.

No meetings this week or next; we'll meet again 5 January, 2021.

Draft minutes from 15 December, 2020:
We discussed COWBIRD and heard an introduction to Augury API and Scaup API.

Happy holidays, and happy new year!

Wendy Seltzer -- wseltzer@w3.org +1.617.715.4883 (office)
Strategy Lead and Counsel, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
https://wendy.seltzer.org/        +1.617.863.0613 (mobile)

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