Re: [web-adv] agenda, 2pm Thursday 28th June 2018-06-14

I'll do my best to be on the call but am 'at risk' as the saying goes. 
I'm returning from Brussels during the afternoon and so am at the mercy 
of multiple railways to be at my desk by 19:00.


On 28/06/2018 05:39, Liam R. E. Quin wrote:
> Possile regrets here as i may have a conflicting meeting that i can't
> escape, but i don't know yet.
> Topics -
> 1. GS1, IAB, W3C, coupons event
>     - chair & program committee
>     - pin down an agenda
>       . day one, What if you could change the Web
>       . day two, GDPR, encryption, verifiable credentials,
>         distributed identifiers & other linked data models
>         for anonymized tracking, privacy, fraud, performance?
>     - start to identify likely speaking candidates
> 2. other business?
> 3. world domination
> Apologies for #fail at last meeting's minutes. Notes appended.
> Glossary "B is now also on github at
> Webex info
> IRC - #web-adv (note the hyphen), e.g. or
> irc://
> Liam
> [[
>> a vague summary....
>> * i suggested a meeting that is not a W3C Workshop but e.g. a
>> symposium.
>> Phil suggested a round table under Chatham House Rule (ok to quote
>> proceedings but not who said what).
>> part of the problem is that an academic W3C workshop with position
>> papers isn't likely to attract ad tech people, or that's my fear.
> [others agreed with this]
>> locations considered - toronto in september, with iab canada having
>> responded positively to a very tentative contact; europe in q4 with
> iab
>> techlabs; Phil said Gs1 might be able to sponsor an event for 20 or
> 30 people, so if we get one or two more sponsors we're set for that
> aspect.
>> i'm suggesting - but very open to other ideas - a day on "what if you
>> could change Web browsers, HTTP..." and a day on cryptography & fraud
>> and anonymity and tracking & gdpr.
>> Phil also showed a prototype he did for GS1, the Chivas site in the
>> minutes,
>> click on "toggle Gs1" at top right and then on the barcode to fetch
> the
>> embedded links.
>> The comment on IRC about IOTA is from JP, saying the directed acyclic
>> graphs are the new thing :) -- supposedly a blockchain replacement,
>> although this might just be for the conflict resolution protocol, i'm
>> not sure.
> ]]

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