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Technology: (X)HTML Techniques 
Techniques Category: Headings 
Submitter's Name: Ben Caldwell 
Submitter's Email: caldwell@trace.wisc.edu

<technique id="UNKNOWN">
<short-name>Image-based headings</short-name>
 <guideline idref="" />
 <success-criterion idref="UNKNOWN" />


<p>If images are used as headings, include appropriate header markup</p>

While styling page headings can often be acheived using CSS, there are cases where it may be approporiate to use images to represent headings. 


 <affects group="UNKNOWN" />

The following code illustrates how an image serving as a heading could be marked up so that it has structure.


<h1><img src="heading1.gif" alt="Example Heading One"></h1>




Additional Notes:

This is pretty rough. There is an interesting article from A list apart describing a technique for doing this dynamically:

Dynamic Text Replacement - http://www.alistapart.com/articles/dynatext/ 

It has some UA issues, but may also be worth considering as a technique.

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