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Technology: (X)HTML Techniques 
Techniques Category: Links 
Submitter's Name: Chris Ridpath 
Submitter's Email: chris.ridpath@utoronto.ca

<technique id="UNKNOWN">
<short-name>Anchors Must Contain Text</short-name>
 <checkpoint idref="text-equiv" />
 <success-criterion idref="UNKNOWN" />

<p>Each A element must contain a text equivalent.</p>

The text equivalent for an anchor must be present. It can be the text containted by the A element or the TITLE attribute of the A element. If the A element contains an IMG element then the text can occur in the ALT attribute of the IMG element.


 <affects group="UNKNOWN" />

These examples show how the text equivalent for an A element can be implemented.


<a href="birds.html">information about birds</a>

<a href="birds.html" title="information about birds"></a>

<a href="birds.html"><img src="birds.jpg" alt="information about birds"/></a>


No user agent issues.

<see-also><br />&lt;p>
 <loc href="http://checker.atrc.utoronto.ca/servlet/ShowCheck?check=174&lang=eng" >Check #174 </loc>
</p><br /></see-also>

Additional Notes:

Do we need to ensure that the link text is meaningful?

Does the link text have to be unique?

Can same link text point to different targets?

How much redundancy is OK for link text within a single anchor?

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