Notes from call today

Attendance (14):  Alastair Campbell, Avon Kuo, Bruce Bailey, Dan Bjorge, David Cox, Duff Johnson, Francis Storr, Giacomo Petri, Gundula Niemann, Lori Oakley, Mike Gower, Patrick Lauke, Scott O’Hara, Theo Hale.

  1.  For Discussion
     *   Add anti-aliasing note to 1.4.11 by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3560 · w3c/wcag (<> link is to Alastair’s summary comments from today’s call, near the bottom of the page.  Sent for WG approval.

                                                         i.      As noted in Alastair’s comment, there are some unresolved challenges related to pixel picking.

                                                       ii.      Anti-aliasing notes for 1.4.3, 1.4.6, 1.4.11 understanding docs (more strict proposal) by dbjorge · Pull Request #3671 · w3c/wcag (<> is closed, but there are several interesting points in that conversation thread.

     *   Add two notes/clarifications to 2.1.1/2.1.3 understanding by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #1642 · w3c/wcag (<> discussed last week and on Tuesday AG call.  Sent for WG approval.
  1.  Drafted
     *   Remove SCR21 and update page that links to it by fstrr · Pull Request #3653 · w3c/wcag (<> Ready for approval.  Francis added a link mentioned during call.
     *   Update F110 by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3601 · w3c/wcag (<> Ready for approval.
     *   Change "video description" to "audio description" in 1.2.1 understanding by patrickhlauke · Pull Request #3625 · w3c/wcag (<> Ready for approval.
     *   3.3.2 Typos Related to indicating Required Fields · Issue #3553 · w3c/wcag (<> reverted to In Progress.  Please be encouraged to contribute to Required and optional user inputs, and legends as instructions · w3c/wcag · Discussion #3622 (<>.
  2.  Other Topics
     *   Duff reported on PDF Association progress with their techniques library.  Those may be public facing in March.  Feedback from this TF, and our interest, has prompted additional features for the web implementation.

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Thank you all for your work!

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