Today's agenda

We have a few responses to this week’s set of proposed changes. I’ve also moved a document into discussion that was in Ready for approval, because I’m not sure we discussed it? I’ve already added quite a few comments to it. 😊

  1.  Review ‘For discussion’ items (15 min)
  2.  Review ‘Drafted’ items (15 min), either:
     *   move back to In progress, with more work to do
     *   move to Ready for approval, if there is general agreement the issue is sufficiently resolved leave in Drafted, if discussion was not concluded satisfactorily
  3.  Any questions on items In Progress? (5 min)
  4.  Anything for Reflow? (10 min or longer)
  5.  Review ‘To do’ (10 min)
  6.  Time permitting, items of interest to participants, including open discussions.
This will be our last meeting for the year. Next meeting will be Jan 5 (hosted by Alastair and Bruce).

Received on Friday, 15 December 2023 14:57:02 UTC