Please review proposals for last call issues 669, 670, 676, 763, and 875 and review 682

Please review the proposals for  the following last call issues 669 [1], 
670 [2], 676 [3], and 875[4].  Note that 875 may need some additional 
discussion.  We need to determine if fieldset and legend are required for 
all related radio elements and checkboxes. I took the stance that small 
related groups with instructions and descriptive labels may not require 
fieldset and legend.  I realize that this may be controversial and need 
further discussion within the group.

A proposal for 763[5]  was submitted to team c on June 19 [6] but I'm not 
sure if it was ever discussed or surveyed?

I provided two possible solutions for 682[7] - please review so we can 
discuss at the Team C meeting.


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Received on Wednesday, 26 July 2006 15:39:46 UTC