RE: proposals not registering on issue-tracking

Sorcha asked if it was possible for comments she entered  to be erased.


I don't know if this is what happened here but ..


If two people open up an item - and work on it at the same time. - 

When they close the item - the last person to close will delete the notes of
the other person (who was working on it as the same time they were but
closed before them).



When you open an item 

Change the "assigned to" to your name AND UPDATE/SAVE IMMEDIATELY


Others - don't open an issue that has someone's name on it unless you talk
with them.  Or send you comments to them to add. 


When you are DONE editing - set the name back to NOBODY - unless you have a
further action item on it. 

If you want to keep an item identified with you put your initials at the top
of the working group notes field - don't leave it set "assigned to"
you.(again - unless you still have a TO DO on it. 


Other notes on this

Once a Task Force forwards something to the survey the "assigned to" should
be set to NOBODY.


The ASSIGNED TO field should be reserved to items that have been assigned to
a person for some type of action.  When that is completed it should be set
back to NOBODY.


People should check regularly for everything assigned to them - and try to
clear the TO Dos assigned to them. 










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Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 1:16 PM
Subject: proposals not registering on issue-tracking

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had any problem with proposals they submitted on the issue
tracking system?

I don't keep a record of the ids of proposals I have submitted but I am
positive that I submitted a proposal for Comment LC-755 but it is not
appearing in my search results this week.  

Have people been deleting legacy "notes" left by submitters in the "Working
Group Notes" section in order to tidy up the section?

Or, has anyone else had this problem?


Sorcha Moore

Web Accessibility Auditor, 

Segala, Dublin, Ireland

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