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That is a good example.  Thanks. 


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Subject: RE: SC 2.2.1 - User warning for timeout script example

Hi Gregg,

Can you elaborate on the usability problem you (or the other person)

I believe the concern is with the particular type of situation described in
the example:

"A page of stock market quotes uses script to refresh the page every five
minutes in order to ensure the latest statistics remain available. 20
seconds before the five minute period expires, a confirm dialog appears
asking if the user needs more time before the page refreshes. This allows
the user to be aware of the impending refresh and to avoid it if desired."

The example is not a situation where the user is expected to fill in a form
and then continue, but instead it is a type of page where the user could
conceivably remain - watching changes in stock prices - and thus have a
confirmation box presented every 5 minutes.


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