comments/questions on techniques for SC 2.1.1

I've started going through the techniques for SC 2.1.1 and have a few 
preliminary comments/questions:

Tests - Wording of procedure for [1] seems to me to conflict with text of 
Description as worded.
Description talks about using mouse and keyboard functions together,
whereas Procedure only talks about the keyboard without mentioning the mouse.
Is this what was intended?


Description for [2] just says "Objective of this technique..".   How about
"the objective of this technique is to demonstrate (proper?) attachment of 
an onactivate
event to an element in a script block"?


Tests - Procedure for [3]:  Is there a definition for "pointing-device 
specific event handlers"?
Testability of "the only means"?  (one could test forever, and somehow 
miss  a way)

Tests - Expected Results for [3] doesn't seem to me to match the 
Procedure.  What is "any are found"?
Is the meaning "Any pointing-device specific event handlers are 
found?"   The Procedure seems to allow
such handlers along with other means..  So if such handlers are found, as 
long as other means are found, it's OK?


Typos in [4] - in applicability "content" repeated twice,  also in 
"Examples", "access content that has been included",
instead of "access content and has been included"
Tests in [4] - More definition needed as to what is meant for "keyboard to 
be trapped"?  Perhaps use terminology from
end of "Description" section?


Thanks and best wishes
Tim Boland NIST

Received on Friday, 27 January 2006 20:11:55 UTC