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Clarification regarding sending the Call to lists

From: Markku T. Hakkinen <hakkinen@dinf.ne.jp>
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 15:58:47 -0500
To: Public-Wai-Rd <public-wai-rd@w3.org>
Message-id: <DNEPLEBLKMGBNKKGDDFKIEEOCFAA.hakkinen@dinf.ne.jp>

I want to gather the candidate lists/groups first, before sending out the
announcement! I want to have a coordinated process for getting the word out.
Those with specific associations with certain lists will most likely be
asked to send out the announcement to those lists.

We should not pre-empt the official announcement headed out to the WAI-IG
list later today.

Ideally, we can begin this process in the next day or two, depending upon
responses/suggestions from you all!


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