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RDIG Planning Telecon Summary - January 23, 2003

From: Markku T. Hakkinen <hakkinen@dinf.ne.jp>
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 23:57:30 -0500
To: public-wai-rd@w3.org
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RDIG Planning Call
Wednesday, 22 January
4:00pm-5:00pm/21:00-22:00 UTC


Mark Hakkinen (MTH), Chair, JSRPD
Wendy Chisholm WAC), W3C
Katie Haritos-Shea (KHS), CESSI via IRC
Bill LaPlant (BLP), US Census Bureau
Marja Riitta Koivunen (MRK), W3C
Hazel Kennedy (HK) - Accessible Multimedia - Open University
Amanda Lee (AL) - Foretec Access

Andrew Arch, Grace de la Flor, Gregg Vanderheiden, Mark Urban

Corrections/Omissions? Please send updates to hakkinen@dinf.ne.jp


- Proposed Change in Meeting Time
- Discussion on Web Collaboration Planning

1. Meeting Time

It was proposed that RDIG change its planning call from Wednesday to
Tuesday, to allow WAI CG to use the Wednesday time slot. After discussion,
Monday was proposed and accepted as the new meeting day, with meeting times
alternating between 1400 UTC and 2100 UTC.

2. Web Collaboration Planning

This discussion occupied the balance of the call, and covered several

2.1 The "teleconference event" as "workshop". Format of multiple presenters
around a single theme, with discussion, lends itself to the workshop

2.2 Outreach to lists and groups.  MTH has contacted CHI 2003
(http://www.chi2003.org) about holding an informal RDIG SIG in April at the
Ft. Lauderdale meeting. Awaiting word on meeting room availability within 2

We need to identify lists to send "calls for participation/calls for
presentations".  Examples are chi-Announcements and chi-Web. Others?

3. First Event Date: third or fourth week of February

4. Discussion of specific projects and technologies

4.1 Twiki - http://www.twiki.org - Is Twiki now more an application than a
research project? Are there accessibility issues?
4.2 Quickplace - www.lotus.com/quickplace. Need more information.
4.3 VCN - is VCN a good candidate as a project? Shared desktops,
accessibility limited. Project is at Cambridge University, UK.
4.4 MSN8 Shared Browsing Sessions and NetMeeting. We should talk to MS
4.5 Oracle (BLP)

So far have identified both products and research projects. Need to balance
geography, and explore additional projects, focus more on research projects
rather than stable products.

Need to have specific projects and contact names.

5. Audio Stream of the "Event"
MTH tested a method using Net2Phone and ShoutCast to stream a telecoference
using MP3 audio. There are still some technical issues to work out but
should be possible. Client software (Winamp, others) are freely available
for multiple platforms.

6. Next Meeting

Agreed to hold next meeting on Monday, January 27, 2003. Call details to be
be posted to list. Agenda to focus on continued discussion and refinement of
web collaboration topic.
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