Re: RDIG Call for Presenters (recording --> real-time transcript)

In my stream-of-unconsciousness remarks I mentioned iDictate.  That is a
commercial speech-to-text path.

I recommend that the even use something like that rather than relying
entirely on someone trying to capture a summary in real time.  Real-time
summarization should be part of the
conversation: echoing with participant opportunity to confirm/deny right there.

Some related footnotes.

If we get a person with a hearing loss as one of the participants, we need
to upgrade the infrastructure of the real-time event somehow.  If they are a
sign language user, they may just be supported by interpreters at their site.

If they are happy to work with a text transcript, something like the service
offered by Caption First or Viable Technologies can be slipped in as an
upgrade (real-time plus later corrected)..


Received on Tuesday, 25 February 2003 19:36:07 UTC