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Some scenario thoughts on the topic matter;

Staff meeting of financial industry work group (assembled on the fly from
labor pools) distributed across U.S. and India on production of code for
online payment system for auction services which has a deadline in six hours
(involving federal regulation of financial transactions).  Staff members
include visually impaired, and hearing impaired engineers, administrative
staff with age related short term memory loss, dyslexia, ADD and other
cognitive impairments.  How does the (cognitively impaired) administrative
staff managing the phone conference pass the conversation to the deaf
programmer and summarize work demands from the conversation, construct the
calendar/timeline information?  Keep the focus on multiple coding documents
for the Jaws using visually impaired user?

Goal is an integrated work group that works to timeline routing and
coordinating everyone.  Staff members must be able to 'understand'
appropriate time structure messaging to carry out their part in the deadline
workflow. Visually impaired staff access all desk top documents with visual
content like photographs coming in as a part of identification requirements
of payment users, and all staff say on the phone to deaf persons in India
what further programming needs to planned for in a secure firewall corporate
working environment intranet that is being implemented in 6 hours.

Doyle Saylor
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Attached is a text version of the call for presenters. The overall format
needs a bit more work, but it
should contain everything we've discussed.

Please review and provide feedback to the list.


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