RE: ERT WG: Agenda for teleconference on Wednesday 13 December, 2006

Hi group,

My quick walkthrough:

> 3. pick up on new listed issues
>   <>
>   - reconsider stability of foaf:Organisation

I'm in favour of the adoption.

>   - consider renaming earl:validity

I think "outcome" instead "validity" makes sense, the only problem I see
is that the validity levels staff is one of the most stable and
interoperable parts of EARL, nevertheless this new EARL is quite
different to the previous one in several aspects and a break line could
be necessary.

>   - consider stand-alone pointer vocabulary

It makes sense if we want to make further adoption easier (WCL, TSD
TF...) and if we expect the language to grow with new classes of

>   - consider WCL "groups of resources"

I think this is an interesting work that could be reused in EARL and
should keep an eye on it but, what do you mean exactly with "wait for
the WCL method for defining groups of resources unambiguously"?


Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2006 16:32:02 UTC