Re: Formalizing WCAG 2.0 test procedures

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:

> Hi,
> Vicente Luque Centeno wrote:
>> Is [1] a document developed by the TSD TF?
> Refer to the top of the document for information about the editors, the 
> responsible working group, and how to best comment on it.
> [1] <>

I've been commenting on it to those authors and the WCAG WG several times, 
but they seem to not to have any interest on this topic. I suppose this is 
because they have little knowledgde of what formalization is and what can 
be obtained with XSLT/XQuery/Schematron or CliX. I hope this TSD TF has 
more effect because, as you say at:

<blockquote cite="">
Send deliverables to ERT WG and, if it is satisfactory, sends these 
deliverables to WCAG WG for final review and approval.

So I will be happy to collaborate with the TF when "providing machine 
testable rules (in some alternative well known languages maybe) apart from 
pseudo code" becomes an issue of the TSD TF. If such an issue is never 
asumed by the TSD TF, I will keep on trying with the WCAG WG directly 
anyway :-(. It seems to me that neither the WCAG WG or the ERT WG really 
want to asume this as an issue. I think the TSD TF would be a great place 
for it, because such issue directly involves both WG.

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