RE: [ACTION] Warnings in EARL


Hi Jim,

> "Carlos Iglesias" <>
> >- Does this proposal cover everybody's needs?
> >- Is there any use case where a warning messages could be treated as 
> >anything else than "plain text"?
> I'm sure there are some, 

Any example? It could be very helpful

> but I don't think there's any that 
> preclude an rdf:description - and the other non-plain text 
> ideas could just be included in addition to the dc:description.
> >- Are any additional properties necessary? (e.g a warning id)
> Nope, normal rdf methods of identifying the warning would be 
> fine I'd've thought (just an rdf:ID or a label)

Well, actually I was thinking in same kind of warning id or mayble class to help the automatic discovery and managment.
E.g. following the example of CSS it could be:

Same colors --> ID or class "colors"
Property redefinition --> ID or class "redefinition"

Note that it's not a unique ID, is more a class of warning that will have several instances of the same class.



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