Fwd: Re: HTTP and EARL

johannes.koch@fit.fraunhofer.de wrote:
> Nick wrote:
>>We may EITHER
>>record { URL } OR equivalently { Connection, Request Line }
>>I'll discuss the structure on the basis of the latter, but
>>I expect people may prefer the former.
> [...]
>>  * MUST record the URL and/or connection+request line
> [...]
>>Request and Response entities are outside the scope of this note.
> IMHO it is not sufficient to record the URL because it does not contain
> the HTTP method. A resource can also be requested via the POST method and
> can vary with parameters sent in the request entity.


I'm excluding that case, because it seems to me the whole discussion
is too far from dealing with the case of *applications*.  To deal
meaningfully with POST, we have to be evaluating the entire application,
not just a results page in isolation.  And we're a very long way
from describing that.

Nick Kew

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