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I looked briefly at the PRISM standard (Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata) [1] to find properties that could be useful in EARL.

PRISM has a 'prism:person' property, which could replace 'foaf:person' (because FOAF is not stable yet). However, 'prism:person' is much simpler than 'foaf:person': it can only contain PCDATA or be empty. If it is empty, you use the 'rdf:resource' attribute. The following examples are taken from the spec [2]:

<prism:person>Bill Richardson</prism:person>
<prism:person rdf:resource=""/>

PRISM also has 'prism:hasVersion' and 'prism:isVersionOf' (which are probably borrowed from Dublin Core, which has 'hasVersion' and 'isVersionOf' as refinements of 'dc:relation' [3]), but there is nothing else related to versions.

PRISM also has 'prism:organization' and 'prism:corporateEntity', which might come in handy if you can't (or don't want to) identify the actual person who performed an evaluation. The following examples for 'prism:organization' come from the PRISM spec [2]:
<prism:organization>Dept. of Energy</prism:organization>
<prism:organization rdf:resource=""/>
<prism:organization rdf:resource=""/>

PRISM also has a controlled vocabulary for "resource categories" (i.e. intellectual genre), which includes the terms 'analysis' and 'review' (EARL reports could be categorised as reviews) [4].

I hope some of this can be useful.

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Christope Strobbe

[2] "The PRISM Namespace: Version 1.2", at

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