earl message

Hi guys,

I wish I had done Schema validation, or that we had OWL constraints  
descrbed for EARL. I have just realised that the message is meant to be a  
property of the result, not the Assertion. Which means that Hera's  
implementation is wrong, and a fair bit of other stuff too I suspect.

It makes sense to me that the message is a property of the Assertion, not  
the result. But I'm not making the spec up myself. Do people think we  
should relax the domain of earl:message, or should I start chasing down  
implementations and get them to do the right thing by the spec?

(As far as I know, nobody has implemented correct EARL code according to  
the spec, so we could version the problem out of the way. Or we could just  
fix the implementations and documentation we have)

what do people think?



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Received on Tuesday, 26 April 2005 00:34:35 UTC