Re: Another comment about confidence value.

Hi Paul :)

Le 19 avr. 2005, à 15:45, Paul Walsh a écrit :
> There we go again, we're talking about the Weather, toasters, nuts, 
> labelling, resistors... everything except Web site accessibility 
> conformance validation.

yes life around us ;)

I like the idea of the T-shirt though.

> I’d like to see a real working example within the area that we’re 
> working in and not plumbing, kitchen appliances or vegetables. 
> Although I believe in using simple analogies, these are not working…

EARL is not ONLY WAI :))) EARL is a language of reporting for testing, 
testing can be of many natures. EARL will be very useful for class 
exams, QA Materials testing, QA workflow in business (ISO 9001) etc.

There are real examples ;)

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