Re: About locating subject results and context


> What about CSS?
> What about a screw on a toaster?
> What about a line on a paper form?

Currently, earl:subject is an "abstract" class. The EARL schema provides
three built-in sub-classes:

* WebContent
* Tool (aka AuthoringTool or EvaluationTool etc)
* UserAgent

This already gives us an idea if we are talking about a toaster or a
text file. Yet it is not enough to tell the difference between CSS or
Java for instance (or toaster and microwave).

How about we define some built-in content types that are properties for
earl:subject and some location mechanisms to go along with? Of course,
we need to leave room for developers to sub-class and extend the
vocabulary for domain specific pointers.

PS: I'm not sure why there is Tool and UserAgent rather than Software or

Received on Monday, 18 April 2005 22:43:09 UTC