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> Hi Charles,
> tir, 12,.04.2005 kl. 03.20 +1000, skrev Charles McCathieNevile:
>> However a tool might want to note that it is using a different tool for
>> something - e.g. the W3C code validators. I am not sure of this - the
>> normal idea would be to simply have the W3C validator itself make the
>> particular relevant assertion.
> We dealing with a case with several tools inside another tool for large
> scale assessments and scalability. E.g. one big observatory using
> several free and commercial tools to perform large scale assessments,
> and store the results in a repository for further data mining. Also the
> case of performing some WCAG tests with one tool and other using other
> tools to use best tool available for the job.
> It would be nice if the EARL model worked for a hierarchy of tools.

Well the simple approach would be to have several Assertors, and each one  
assert the things that they have tested.

Where you have multiple tools doing sub-testa, and then derive the results  
 from a collection of sub-tests, it is important to be able to refer back  
to them, I think. But the proposed evidence property would work for that,  
if you don't include al the Assertions.

Anyway, we are looking to implement that now in Hera, so I will send an  
example of how we propose to do it.



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