Extension property: "using"

Hi folks,

Sidar adds a property to its EARL report called using, to identify that  
although the results are done as mode manual, there is a tool involved (in  
presenting the test cases and asking the question).

I wonderif anyone is interested in adding that into the EARL schema? (No  
real need since it is available already as an RDF property, but if people  
think it is really useful then it might be worthwhile. It also provides a  
place for "advertising" your tool a bit when it is supporting manual  
evaluation - much as meta name="generator" does in HTML.

This applies to Hera and the Wave, aDesigner I think, and maybe a few  
other tools. Italso allows a tool to claim that it did a test "using"  
another tool, such as the W3C validator for XHTML/CSS checking...



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Received on Sunday, 10 April 2005 05:40:23 UTC