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At 13:22 18/05/2009, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>Dear group,
>Ref: <>
>The logs aren't showing any active testing of the Web interface, I 
>was hoping that people would be reviewing it as discussed. In order 
>to get started and resume our work, please indicate to the list:
>  - your approval of the Web interface as-is (*)
>  - principal approval but with change requests
>  - urgent change requests before tool launching
>(*) Note that the "view test sample" function is currently only 
>static mockup and will be finalized soon. Please don't send comments 
>on this function or page (yet).

Below are a few comments:

* When a structure review has been done and concluded with a "fail" 
result, the "action" column in the overview will say "reopen review". 
Activating this link creates an empty structure review form. I could 
not find a way to look at the review results, because the "Structure 
Reviews" column is empty. Is this intentional? (Tested with test sample 2)
* Similarly, when a structure review concluded with a "pass", the 
"action" column will say "content review", with no possibility to 
view the structure review because the "Structure review" column is 
empty. This is not always important, but I was just curious if it was 
possible to view the results of the structure review (e.g. for 
content in the textarea at the end). (Tested with test sample 9)
* Similary, when a structure review concluded with a "can't tell", 
the "action" column will say "structure review", and activating that 
link generates an empty form, without a mechanism to view the 
previous structure review, because the "Structure review" column is 
empty. For "can't tell" results, preserving the data of a previous 
review may be more important that for the previous two cases. (Tested 
with test sample 10)

The above three issues are strange because this used to work (see the 
columns for "Structure review" that were done in April/early May.

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