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At 10:06 12/01/2009, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>Dear group,
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>As agreed, I've been working on the Web interface for displaying the 
>test samples. Please find above the early prototypes of how this 
>could look like. It is not yet functional but should give you a 
>pretty decent idea of where it is heading.
>Please send your comments to this list. I would also like to discuss 
>it during tomorrow's teleconference call if possible.

Do test samples now have two IDs? (One in the metadata, e.g. 
sc1.1.1_l1_002, and one in the list, e.g. 123.) I assume that the 
final interface will use the IDs from the metadata.
(Test samples with the naming convention sc1.1.1_l1_002 are outdated; 
we currently use content-structure-separation-programmatic_050.)

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