Re: server-side scripts - was: mockups for TF Web interface

Rather than sending even more mails, I collected all relevant links 
on a page in our Wiki:
This page contains link regarding support for XML Schema, XSLT and 
ISO Schematron in PHP, Python and Perl.

Feel free to add more links, especially in the automation section 
(using CVS to trigger Python or Perl scripts).

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At 15:37 10/02/2009, Christophe Strobbe wrote:

>At 14:27 10/02/2009, Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>Hi Shadi,
>>At 23:35 5/02/2009, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>>>Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>>>At 16:24 2/02/2009, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>>>>>Ref: <>
>>>>>Please find muckups of the TF Web interface tool. There is not 
>>>>>database backing yet, so no functions actually work. However, 
>>>>>you should be able to click around and get a good idea of how it works.
>>>>>Note: you may notice some new status flags, we need to discuss this.
>>>>>Let me know your thoughts and comments, I'm aware that it is a 
>>>>>pretty minimalistic tool (no real search, e-mail notification, reminders, ...).
>>>>One of the goals of this interface is to make the structure and 
>>>>content reviews easier, especially the automatable parts of the 
>>>>structure review: XML Schema validation and ISO Schematron 
>>>>checking. If you have suggestions on how the interface could 
>>>>support this, please send them to the list.
>>>The current idea is to run CVS-triggered scripts when test samples 
>>>are checked into the repository. These scripts would update the 
>>>database by entering a new record or modifying an existing one. My 
>>>hope is that we can build the XML/Schematron validation into these 
>>>scripts (and record the output of the scripts into the database too).
>>>Christophe, do you have such command line scripts? If so, what 
>>>language and/or environment do they require to run?
>>My current scripts are all in Apache Ant <>, 
>>which requires Java.
>>However, there are a number of alternatives for Python: 
>>(I have no experience with Python, nor with any of those Python-based tools.)
>>I've never looked into scripts that are automaticlly triggered by 
>>CVS checkins. I found something at
>>but we probably need to find out how to trigger Python or PHP scripts.
>>I looked into ISO Schematron support some time ago and didn't find 
>>anything for PHP.
>>However, there is also the Python-based Amara XML Toolkit:
>>* Uche Ogbuji: "Introducing the Amara XML Toolkit"
>>   <>
>>* Amara XML Toolkit:
>>   <>,
>>* Amara XML Toolkit manual:
>1. I should have added a link to what I collected at the bottom of
>2. I hadn't thought of looking into Perl support.
>The Perl module xml::schematron predates ISO Schematron and only 
>seems to support earlier versions (Schematron 1.5?). This is the 
>only Perl implementation listed at
>Of course, it is possible to use the XSLT implementation I described at
><> but 
>with a Perl module instead of Java. I found Perl modules for XSLT at
>* <> and
>* <> 
>(a wrapper for an XSLT implementation).
>If W3C is already using Apache AxKit <>,
>3. Regarding XSLT implementations: I also found tutorials for using 
>Sablotron in PHP:
><> (2003),
>Sablotron also has a Perl API (see 
><>). However, Sablotron 
>itself is in C++.
>Best regards,
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>>Christophe Strobbe
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