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Christophe Strobbe wrote:
> At 16:24 2/02/2009, Shadi Abou-Zahra wrote:
>> Ref: <>
>> Please find muckups of the TF Web interface tool. There is not 
>> database backing yet, so no functions actually work. However, you 
>> should be able to click around and get a good idea of how it works.
>> Note: you may notice some new status flags, we need to discuss this.
>> Let me know your thoughts and comments, I'm aware that it is a pretty 
>> minimalistic tool (no real search, e-mail notification, reminders, ...).
> One of the goals of this interface is to make the structure and content 
> reviews easier, especially the automatable parts of the structure 
> review: XML Schema validation and ISO Schematron checking. If you have 
> suggestions on how the interface could support this, please send them to 
> the list.

The current idea is to run CVS-triggered scripts when test samples are 
checked into the repository. These scripts would update the database by 
entering a new record or modifying an existing one. My hope is that we 
can build the XML/Schematron validation into these scripts (and record 
the output of the scripts into the database too).

Christophe, do you have such command line scripts? If so, what language 
and/or environment do they require to run?


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