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At 16:29 12/09/2008, Michael Cooper wrote:
>The W3C Systems team is planning to migrate W3C wikis from MoinMoin 
>to MediaWiki in the next few weeks. There are a few issues for TSDTF:
>* The wiki at would be included in 
>this. This means having to learn the new wiki's quirks. If there's 
>anything particularly complicated about the setup of this wiki, 
>we'll need to make sure the systems team knows about this.

I have no problem with MediaWiki; I've used it more than MoinMoin 
(both for the WCAG Wiki and Wikipedia).

>* This wiki has become a major spam target. This is apparent if you 
>look at The systems team 
>doesn't want to migrate spam, understandably. Their current position 
>is that they just won't migrate the wiki, but I think that means the 
>wiki would be shut down after the migration is complete and the old 
>software is no longer supported. I have asked them if that is in 
>fact what will happen. I think for the moment we have to either come 
>up with a way to clear out the spam, or come up with a way to 
>express exactly what should be migrated.

I don't know how to remove or stop spam in our wiki. I don't 
understand why it allows unregistered "users" to change pages, even 
though it requires us to register and log in before editing.
The bare minimum that we would need for a migration is the 
preservation of the current content (i.e. without history, as if our 
last version of each page in MoinMoin were our first version in the 
WikiMedia counterpart). If someone can't live with that we need to 
discuss this in today's conference call.

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>This may have some urgency as the migration is scheduled to happen 
>in the next couple weeks, and I'm not sure what will happen to this 
>wiki after that time.
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