edits to test samples discussed in 30 Sept call


I made the following changes to the test samples that were accepted 
with changes or that were sent back:

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_001:
   test file and description (in metadata) adapted to make it clear 
that the intent is indentation
   Status should be changed to "assigned".

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_002:
   it is now more obvious that the quote is a quote; line number 
updated in metadata
   Status should be changed to "assigned".

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_003:
   This test sample was sent back and is ready for another content review.

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_004:
   added expertGuidance as proposed in the survey.
   Status should be changed to "assigned".

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_016:
   Description was improved as proposed.
   Status should be changed to "assigned".

* content-structure-separation-programmatic_018:
   This test sample was sent back and is ready for another content review.
   (The test samples was remapped from H73 to H51; expected result = pass.)

This message was almost ready to send just before today's 
teleconference and I want to clean up these loose ends.
We will continue the review of test samples after the work on the 
accessibility support database.

Best regards,


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