Re: Techniques links in test samples 001-004

At 16:01 19/11/2008, Tim Boland wrote:
>After the call Tuesday CS asked me to review the technique links in 
>test samples 001-004.
>I did, and they appear fine to me (techniques referenced seem 
>appropriate and links all work for me).
>Also, the suggestions from CS in earlier email re: test samples seem 
>fine to me

Thanks, Tim.
That means that these four test samples can move to the status 
'holding' and are ready for review by the WCAG WG.
I have edited the status in the metadata (see 

The next step is to present these test samples in a form that is 
appropriate for review by the working group; sending people off to 
the status list or the XML metadata won't work very well. I still 
need to update the "HTML view".

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>Thanks and best wishes
>Tim Boland NIST

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