Re: my action item - first test sample review

Hi Tim,

At 14:57 26/06/2008, Tim Boland wrote:
>Per my action item from last TSDTF teleconference, I have put my 
>reviews into template form and attached them to this message.  I 
>don't remember how to upload these to the W3C site..  Christophe, 
>can you help me do this or upload them this time?  Thanks..

I don't know how to upload pages from outside the Wiki.
When creating reviews, the idea is to create a link from the Test 
Sample Status List to the review and to pick a template from there 
(if my memory is correct).
Can you please check the pages
for better instructions?

Best regards,


>Thanks and best wishes
>Tim Boland
>PS - I have started on the other reviews as well..

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