RE: location of expectedResult in Using TCDL

At 12:15 25/06/2008, Carlos Iglesias wrote:
>Hi group,
> > One of the issues raised by Tim was that according to Using TCDL, the
> > expectedResult attribute is defined as an attribute of the rules
> > element. It really is an attribute of the locations element. I don't
> > know how that attribute ended up under the wrong element, but I have
> > fixed Using TCDL to reflect the XML Schema and spec for TCDL 2.0.
>If I remember correctly, that was related to the 
>single/multiple rules per test case discussion [1].
>As we decided to focus each test sample on a 
>single "feature" (SC or rule) it was proposed 
>that the expected result could be at the rule 
>level and not at the location one.

Please note that the expectedResult attribute is 
not at at the 'location' element but on its 
parent, 'locations'. 'locations' is a required 
and not repeatable child element of rule, so we 
can currently have only one expectedResult per 
rule. Since we allow only one rule element per 
test sample, there can be only one expectedResult per test sample.

With this in mind, is it really necessary to change the schema?
Do other people think it is necessary?

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