Re: tcdl1.1_TO_tcdl2.xsl issues

Hi Reinhard,

At 11:08 3/09/2007, Reinhard Ruemer wrote:
>Dear Christophe,
>When I transform the bentoweb testcases to tcdl for the 
>TestSampleWiki, I get 4 validation errors in Eclipse after transformation.
>There seems to be the following issues in the xsl-file: 
>Line 56: "btw:dcHTMLInline" needs to be "btw:dcHtmlInline" as the 
>other occurences show (case error)
>Line 200: "rdf:datatype=""" 
>is not allowed here. (no attributes allowed in earlwd:expression)
>Can you solve those?

These should be fixed now.
I have also added XSLT code for the technique mapping and for the 
conversion of file/@xlink:href to a GET request.

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