Some resolutions from previous telecons


There are a few resolutions from past telecons that can be found in 
the minutes but that risk being forgotten if they are not documented 
anywhere else:

- 13 February 2007: RESOLUTION: reference generated code whenever 
possible; use ExpertGuidance for client-side user input; user 
HTTP-RDF for server-side user input.
CS: This can be addressed by updating 
<>]. However, the term 
"server-side user input" looks strange to me.

- 9 January 2007: RESOLUTION: move all scripting (css, js etc) in 
different file (even if short).
CS: Carlos Iglesias checked this in his reviews of test samples, but 
we have not been explicit on the naming convention for this type of files.

- 14 November 2006: RESOLUTION: test files used for more than one 
success criteria will be duplicated.
CS: If all files follow the naming convention, this requirement is 
fulfilled automatically.

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