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At 14:41 25/04/2007, Reinhard Ruemer wrote:
> >>> Shadi Abou-Zahra <> 04/24/07 3:31 pm >>>
> >Question:
> >-  It is unclear if the "moderate improvements" are to be made by the
> >author of the test sample or by the Task Force participants. Also a
> >combination of these approaches may be possible. We need to decide and
> >document how this step is handled.
>If we assign it to Task Force participants, we have somehow to find a
>system how we assign the work clearly to the participants.

This needn't be a difficulty: we could either assign it to the
last/current reviewer, or let the task force facilitators assign
it to somebody else.

>To me it makes more sense to make clear comments on the scenario and
>let the author do the improvements.

Waiting for the author to make changes could cause delays. On a
practical level: if the author is not a task force member (i.e.
no CVS access), we need to send back the files, including the TCDL.
Submitters of test samples do not necessarily create the TCDL, because
it is ideally created from the form data when they submit the sample.
We can't expect them to learn TCDL just to edit a sample.

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