Re: TCDL Draft F


Christophe Strobbe wrote:
>>>> What about "expertGuidance"? How does this relate to "requiredTests" 
>>>> and/or "techComment"?
>>> Does the task force want to drop 'expertGuidance'?
>>> 'requiredTests' are only for end-user evaluation. 'expertGuidance' is 
>>> guidance for reviewers evaluating the test case (in BenToWeb, it is 
>>> meant to explain to external users of the test suite how a test can 
>>> or should be evaluated).
>> So is the information in the "expertGuidance" an extension to the 
>> "test procedure" in the Technique?
> Yes, assuming that there is actually a technique to map to.

My assumption is that every test sample developed by this TF must map to a WCAG 2.0 Technique. For this reason, I propose we will not use "expertGuidance" in this TF (unless we just point to the procedure section of the respective technique).

>>>> Finally, we will now need to create WCAG 2.0 "rulesets" metadata and 
>>>> use it in the test metadata, right?
>>> Or reuse BenToWeb's rulesets.xml...
>> Can you guarantee that it will not change? All the metadata generated 
>> by this group will have a dependency on the rulesets.xml, changes to 
>> it could have a huge impact...
> ... both on the TSD TF and BenToWeb. None of the rules that are 
> currently in rulesets.xml will be removed or changed, only new versions 
> of WCAG 2.0 (or other guideline documents) will be added. Current 
> references to rulesets.xml must remain valid.
> Is that sufficient as a guarantee?

Print, sign, and fax it! ;)

No seriously, I just wanted to raise the cross-dependency issue. Also continuity after the BenToWeb project ends. For now I think we can just go ahead with the existing rulesets.xml.


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