Re: BenToWeb's XHTML + CSS test suite (first version)

Hi Chris,

At 21:58 28/07/2006, Chris Ridpath wrote:

>>The test suite is available at
>Thanks for sending the info. There's certainly a lot of overlap in our 
>test suites and we should really combine them.

I'm not surprised about the overlap because we looked at your test suite 
while developing ours. At the moment, I don't know how exactly we could 
best combine them. It's probably good to work on some mappings (see below) 

>Do you have a mapping of your tests to our tests? If not, I'm sure we 
>could create one quite quickly.

I don't have a mapping to your tests. Since I knew that WCAG could change 
significantly after June 2005, I did not want to create too many additional 
metadata that would need to be updated at every update of the test suite to 
a new WCAG draft.

>I see that you've mapped your tests to the WCAG2 Success Criteria. We've 
>mapped ours to the techniques and thus indirectly to the guidelines. Of 
>course the tests can also be mapped to other accessibility guidelines not 
>just the WCAG.

Yes, our test case description language allows multiple mappings, both to 
multiple success criteria in the same set of guidelines (e.g. WCAG 2.0 Last 
Call) and to rules/checkpoints/etc in other sets of guidelines.
I would also like to map the BenToWeb test cases to the current WCAG 
techniques, but I would prefer to do that outside TCDL (otherwise we would 
stretch the semantics of the language).

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