RE: TCDL 2.0 template (with more comments etc)


> #3: Comments
>  - Some comments are very helpful, for example the warning about 
>    using dated URIs. However, others about validation may not 
>    belong in here but rather in the actual spec. Feel free to 
>    add more comments, together with the fictional values within
>    the elements, they may be very explanatory.
>  - Please add a comment at the very top of the document
>    indicating that it is a template, and
>    note the URI of the TCDL 2.0 spec as well as the 
>    usage document; people could land by mistake on this page.
> </quote>
> I have integrated the comments.
> I'm attaching the file again because it is not yet available 
> on the BenToWeb site.

IMO there should be also comments pointing out what the constant values are (something like "The value of this element is predefined for WCAG 2.0 Test Samples and must remain constant")

IMO again the comment at the very top should reads something like:

"This is a template for WCAG 2.0 Test Samples Metadata, a metadata vocabulary based on a subset of TCDL 2.0
For Test Samples Development Task Force usage notes on TCDL 2.0 see
For a detailed specification of TCDL 2.0, see"



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