infrastructure to store and manage test samples


After discussion with folks from our systems team, here is what we have:

1. Repository
 - We will be using a CVS based repository which also supports Jigedit [1] and Webdav [2] interfaces (basically HTTP PUT).
 - The standard CVS interface will also be available for those who prefer to use it.
 - The files will be uploaded somewhere on a directory under but will not be automatically publicly available (though they will be visible to us).

2. Web Interface
 - We will need to develop scripts that generate HTML pages from the contents of the repository and the available metadata.
 - Probably it is best to base something on a recurring crontab job the executes a shell-based ANT script.
 - Will work with Chris on that but if anyone has ideas or ready-made scripts please contribute.

3. Bug Tracking
 - Bugzilla is available and supported by the systems team, we should use it unless there are major objections.
 - Other bug tracking systems will have to be installed and maintained/supported by us.

We are currently setting up the director under which the test samples will be located as well as the individual accounts (will be the same username/password, just different permissions).

[1] <>
[2] <>


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