Re: BenToWeb's XHTML + CSS test suite (first version)

Hi Chris,

Some additional comments to what Christophe sent ...

Chris Ridpath wrote:
> ...
> Do you have a mapping of your tests to our tests? If not, I'm sure we 
> could create one quite quickly.

In BenToWeb we are in the process of mapping the tests to the Last Call 
WD of WCAG2. At the moment, we cannot afford resources to new mappings ;-)

> I see that you've mapped your tests to the WCAG2 Success Criteria. We've 
> mapped ours to the techniques and thus indirectly to the guidelines. Of 
> course the tests can also be mapped to other accessibility guidelines 
> not just the WCAG.

As Christophe pointed out, the tests could be mapped to other 
guidelines. You must also bear in mind that when we started the work in 
BenToWeb there were no tecniques documents.

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